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I was one year sober from a horrific 12-year drug addiction, struggling to find peace with my past and find a way to live in the present. I was 31 years old, anxious and depressed, couldn't hold down a job, and so out of touch with myself. But I was willing to try anything to find some peace. 
What I found and received was so much more than that.


I felt like I had ruined my life because of destructive choices I had made and I was sure I had ruined my two daughters as well.  
The workshop assisted me in healing many of these wounds that I carried deep inside my heart and soul.  The workshop taught me I am enough and we are all on our own journey


At a cabin in Utah, I was freed of years of energy I'd been carrying, I was blessed by Spirit, I was electrocuted by an energy charge that awoke my soul, and I was reintroduced to my spirit guides, my ancestors, and my heart.

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