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House of Heart has changed me in ways I could never fully articulate. The 1st workshop was the beginning of a coming home to myself. A kind of healing that reaches beyond the mind into the spirit. I had done years of therapy prior to attending the workshop. The healing I received from the 3 days up at House of Heart was more than the 10 years of therapy combined.


It's hard to put into words what this place means to me and the ways that it has changed my life. 

I grew up with a mom who did not, and still does not, know how to show me love. I don't remember one time in my entire life that my mom has hugged me and told me she loved me where it didn't feel forced or fake. She was also incredibly afraid and fearful of everything and that was passed on to me at an early age. 


At a cabin in Utah, I was freed of years of energy I'd been carrying, I was blessed by Spirit, I was electrocuted by an energy charge that awoke my soul, and I was reintroduced to my spirit guides, my ancestors, and my heart.


When I think about the first time I stepped into the house of heart it’s like looking back at the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I was greeted with a hug, a smile, and asked to step into a New World. That was very much what the house of heart was for me. It is a sacred place for sacred people and sacred women.


I felt like I had ruined my life because of destructive choices I had made and I was sure I had ruined my two daughters as well.  

The workshop assisted me in healing many of the wounds that I carried deep inside my heart and soul.  The workshop taught me I am enough and we are all on our own journey

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